Established in 2006, Belmont Properties has a proven track record in superior property development and residential construction.

Belmont projects feature integrated community planning, sensitive property design and stunning spacious homes. From initial lot selection to final landscaping details, Belmont is an innovative leader in premium residential development

Belmont manages the full spectrum of the design/build project. We carefully select rural development and estate lots with community building in mind and work in collaboration with urban planners and community advocates. Our new build and heritage restoration projects are developed in close consultation with architects, designers, and heritage restoration experts and respect both natural and cultural contexts in our planning.

The Belmont team works closely with each homeowner to achieve a customized perfect fit. We are available to provide guidance on the design/build process, applicable regulations and management of specialty trades to add value to your home with cost-saving benefits.



Mike Clemann (President) is a native to the National Capital Region and is the leader in high-quality residential development in the Pontiac Region. With a background in investment banking, Mike has more than 20 years’ experience in property development and community building.

Mike is committed to building integrated rural and urban projects that respect the natural and heritage contexts of each location, and has developed acclaimed projects located within Manor Park, Ottawa South, Rothwell Heights and the Pontiac.


Vice President

Sabrina Lesage is the Vice President of Business Development at Belmont Asset Management, Aylmer, Quebec. She received a Bachelor of Business Commerce from the University of Ottawa and eventually earned a supervisory role in the Belmont Properties company. Now five years in her present position she has gained enormous experience in business including the various functions in finance, construction logistics, human resources and administration.

71, rue Principale
Gatineau (Secteur Aylmer)
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